Quantum Managed Services

Proactive managed services that maximize uptime, mitigate against data loss, improve system performance, and free up your technical team to focus on strategic priorities.

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Free Up IT and Engineering Resources

The pace of data growth and the pace of innovation have accelerated exponentially. Digital content has become central to the success of every business, and so the demands on IT personnel and engineering departments continue to increase. In addition, IT infrastructure is becoming more complex. As a result, more and more customers are turning to Quantum for help.

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Introducing Quantum Managed Services

Quantum Managed Services are a portfolio of proactive services that provide everything from periodic assessments of your small backup system to fully managing your entire Quantum production storage environment and workflows—all using the latest cloud-based monitoring and predictive AI technology.

Quantum Managed Services maximize uptime, mitigate against data loss, improve system performance, maximize your return on investment, and free up your technical team to focus on driving your business forward.

Featured Benefits

Free Up IT and Engineering Resources

Free up your critical IT and engineering resources to focus on strategic projects to drive your business forward.

Reduce Downtime and Mitigate Against Data Loss

Quantum proactively monitors your environment using the latest cloud-based monitoring and AI technology, to identify issues more quickly, speed time-to-resolution, and in many cases, address issues before they impact your operation.

Maintain the Control and Security of an On-Premises Infrastructure

Gain the benefits of outsourcing the management of your infrastructure, without sacrificing the control and security associated with moving to a public cloud infrastructure.

Improve System Performance and Maximize the Return on Your Storage Investment

Quantum analyzes system logs and other telemetry data to identify bottlenecks in your infrastructure, allowing you to achieve the best results with your Quantum gear and maximize your ROI.

Compare Service Offerings

Quantum offers a full line of Managed Services to fit any price point and requirement, from offerings with a fixed scope and price point to custom services that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. See what fits your needs best based on the table below.

Service Description Periodic assessment of customers’ environment Daily status check, ongoing monitoring, and proactive case management Operational services tailored to your needs, from periodic assistance to comprehensive management of your environment
Configuration Assessment
Software Assessment
Capacity Review
Hardware Assessment
Drive and Media Audit (applies to tape storage systems only)
Serviceability Assessment
Daily System Status Check  
Ongoing Monitoring via auto-log collection  
Proactive Case Management  
Comprehensive Management of your environment    

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