All the benefits of Quantum products and solutions via a fully managed, pay-as-you-grow subscription service.

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Cloud-like Subscription Pricing with the Benefits of On-Premise Storage

Quantum-as-a-Service offerings provide the benefits of Quantum products and solutions with cloud-like simplicity via fully managed Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offerings.

Achieve better uptime via proactive monitoring and analysis, delivered with the expertise of Quantum, and with predictable pricing with no data access or egress fees.


Featured Benefits

Reduce Operational, Administrative Resources & Costs

Quantum remote and local experts proactively monitor and manage your environment, so your IT and engineering teams are free to focus on other projects.

Eliminate Unplanned Capital Spend & Forklift Upgrades

With Quantum-as-a-Service, you purchase a subscription for the capacity you need, and as your needs grow, Quantum works with you to identify and expand storage capacity.

Better Control & Security with an On-premises Infrastructure

Quantum-as-a-Service delivers the pay-as-you-grow pricing model that has made public cloud services popular, combined with the control and security of an on-premises storage infrastructure. In contrast to many public cloud storage services, our storage-as-a-service offerings don’t charge any fees for data access or egress.

Reduce Downtime & Achieve Better Performance

Using Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics software, we proactively monitor your environment, allowing our experts to optimize your environment, reduce downtime, and identify problem areas promptly.

Quantum-as-a-Service Offerings

Depending on a customer’s specific needs, any of the following elements may be included:

  • Installation and Integration: Quantum will install, configure, and integrate the associated products at a customer’s data center.
  • Activation of Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) Agents: CBA agents are activated on Quantum products to upload telemetry data and logs to the Quantum Cloud at regular intervals for monitoring and analysis.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Management: Once installed and running, Quantum will actively monitor and manage the environment remotely, providing onsite support when required, and in coordination with the customer.
  • Capacity Upgrades: As data requirements grow over time, Quantum works with the customer to identify needs and adjusts configurations and billing rates accordingly.
  • Tech Refreshes and Data Migration: As installed equipment nears end of service life, refreshing the installed service is included with these Storage-as-a-Service offerings. Quantum manages the migration of data from the current service platform to the new service— all included within a simple, predictable pricing model, eliminating the need for forklift upgrades.
Object Storage Services – Active Data Access to active data via S3-compatible object storage, based on the ActiveScale™ platform and Active Storage Class resources. 1 PB
Object Storage Services – Cold Data Access to cold data via S3- and S3 Glacier-compatible object storage, based on the ActiveScale platform and Cold Storage Class resources. 4 PB
Tape Storage Services Low-cost, secure, long-term storage service. Ideal for large data sets that need to be stored or retained for years for compliance reasons or cold storage. 1 PB
DXi® Storage Services Efficient, high-performance backup storage, delivered as a service. 100 TB
StorNext® Storage Services High-performance shared storage for video editing and large-scale unstructured data sets—delivered as a service. 200 TB
Custom Quantum can work with you to design and deliver custom service offerings to meet your needs. Custom

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