StorNext Helps a52 Take VFX and Animation Workflows to the Next Level

In the filmmaking world, creative professionals strive to bring the fantastic to life through visual effects. VFX technology allows them to create a world filled with people, objects, creatures, and scenery that otherwise cannot exist in a live-action film.

With a growing demand for content, VFX artists are creating more shots for their projects, and content volumes are growing. As a result, VFX workflows require high-performance storage as well as shared access to foster collaboration between artists.

By implementing Quantum’s StorNext File System with H4000 and F2000 appliances, QXS storage, and Scalar Tape Libraries, a52 has put in place end-to-end solutions that increase collaboration while accelerating post-production work and gaining scalability for the future.

High-Performance Centralized Storage
As the team at a52 evaluated their storage needs, speed and capacity were two of their top priorities. Their artists needed to be able to work with large, uncompressed files and to perform a variety of tasks that include editing, color grading, and effects rendering. Additionally, they required the system to be fast and responsive.

“The F2000 is some of the fastest storage out there,” said Kevin Bass, VP of Engineering at a52. “The Quantum solution is very dense, which means a smaller footprint that is less energy intensive, but still maintains high speed and performance. This is what drew us to the product.”

Increased Collaboration and Productivity
StorNext enables a52 to support multiple artists working with the same files on the same projects simultaneously without breaking up projects across different volumes—something that was a challenge just a few years ago.

“In the past, if there were 10 or 12 artists working on the same project at the same time, we would have to split things up or it wouldn’t work,” Bass said. “But now, it’s not a problem. We can maintain 4K multi-stream playback without spreading files across different volumes and file systems.”

Enabling Fast 4k Streaming Performance
StorNext with F2000 appliances allows artists to work efficiently with 4K files and provides the high-performance needed to support multi-stream 4K playback. This has helped a52 better serve its clients, and increase the company’s reputation as a leader in the VFX industry.

“We always have to get creative to serve our clients,” Bass said. “And Quantum has always been very creative with us to make sure we’re able to do that.”