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A Comprehensive Portfolio of Solutions for Backup and Recovery and Ransomware Protection

The requirements for protecting data across the Enterprise continue to get more complex. Our customers are managing massive data growth across databases, virtual environments, and unstructured data sets, and need to meet service level agreements (SLAs) to the business, both recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), with budgets that aren’t growing nearly as fast as storage requirements.

And data protection itself has become more demanding, with requirements to protect against operational issues, protect data across sites, and provide solutions for disaster recovery and even against ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks.

Quantum’s portfolio can meet the requirements of any business, with backup appliances that provide fast backup and restore, object storage systems with immutable object locking for ransomware protection, and the most secure tape storage systems to provide a truly offline copy of data for long term retention.

Featured Benefits


Meet Business SLAs

Meet RPOs and RTOs with high-performance flash and disk-based backup appliances, and meet retention SLAs and requirements with ultra-secure, low-cost tape storage.



Protect Data Against Operational Issues, Disaster, and Cyberattacks

Our solutions are designed to protect your critical applications against not just operational issues and hardware failures, but also against localized disasters by replicating data across sites and protecting against cyberattacks with ultra-secure, encrypted, offline storage.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce backup footprint and spend with an efficient architecture combining disk, deduplication, tape, and services. And with our intuitive management tools, and advanced reporting and analytics, administrators will spend less time managing backups and restores and more time driving the business forward. Combined with Quantum’s global services organization, we'll design and implement a solution to meet your specific needs.

Quantum Data Protection Solutions

Solid Data Protection for the Modern Data Center


Quantum & Veeam

Ransomware Recovery Across the Data Lifecycle


Ransomware Recovery

Featured Products

Quantum’s portfolio of data protection solutions combines our 30+ years of expertise in storing and protecting data with the latest technology and services, so that our customers can address the challenges above in the most efficient way, while reducing total backup spend and footprint. Related products include:


DXi® Backup Appliances

Efficient, high-performance backup appliances that use variable-length deduplication and tight integration with all leading backup applications.

ActiveScale Object Storage

ActiveScale™ Object Storage

Highly durable, scalable storage for immutable online backup copies and self-protecting archives, easily accessed over any distance for active data use and long-term retention.

Scalar Tape Storage

Scalar® Tape Storage

The lowest-cost storage for long-term retention and archiving, and to provide an ‘offline’ copy of data to protect against hackers.

Quantum Services

Quantum Services

A full line of services from installation and implementation, to fully managed services and even Storage-as-a-Service offerings for backup and archiving.

Groton Utilities

Groton Utilities Provides Comprehensive Data Protection With DXi, Scalar Tape, and Veeam

“Our experience over the last year is that Veeam and DXi work very well together.”

Tom O’Farrell System Administrator, Groton Utilities
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The Eau de Paris Streamlines Backups and Keeps Operations Flowing Safely

"We needed to get faster backups on a daily basis, considering the constant data growth. On top of that, we also wanted to put in place the backup best practices including a disk-to-disk-to-tape strategy."

Jean-Michel di Nicolo Project Manager, Information Systems Department at Eau de Paris
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Combining Disk, Tape, and Deduplication Solves Data Growth Problem for Global Display Provider

“To be honest, there was never really any question that we’d be sticking with Quantum. Quantum has the best performance and ease of use, and the DXi equipment has been incredibly solid. When there is a problem, Quantum’s support is easily the best I deal with—and I get a lot of exposure to the support organizations for other storage vendors.”

Brian DavisBackup Administrator, Daktronics
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Airbus Defence and Space Fixes VM Backup Woes with Veeam and Quantum DXi

Airbus Defence and Space Fixes VM Backup Woes with Veeam and Quantum DXi

"The Veeam-Quantum combination was far and away the best option that we saw, both in terms of technology and economics…our total ownership costs were one-half to one-third of the alternative."

Pascal Garcia Infrastructure and System Engineer, TSOC
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Quantum works closely with our Technology Partners to deliver proven joint solutions based on our award-winning archive and data protection portfolio. Together, we create rock-solid solutions for today's most demanding environments.

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